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Slewing bearing applications on medical equipments

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Slewing bearings are widely used in the medical equipments, need to provide high running accuracy and surface precision.

Slewing bearings are used in a wide range of applications, including the medical equipments. Gamma knives, CT machines, nuclear magnetic resonance machines and other medical devices all use slewing bearings. Most medical machines will choose thin section and light weight non-standard slewing bearings. Sometime slewing rings are required to do anti-rust treatment (such as high-temperature phosphating treatment) to prevent oxidation. The major function of slewing ring on a medical device is simply rotation.

The selection of slewing bearings' type & dimensions for medical equipment

When deciding the slewing ring's type, need to take into account the load and the eccentric load, then select the appropriate slewing ring within the allowable range of load capacity. Usually the slewing bearing on the medical device can carry up to a few hundred kilograms. Therefore, the selection is based on small, light and thin as the main consideration.

The requirements on loading capacity and running accuracy of slewing bearings for medical equipments

Usually the slewing bearing for medical equipments does not have to be with high loading capacity, BRS will help customer select the most suitable and cost-effective one designed according to the detailed technical parameters provided. However, the requirements on slewing rings' running accuracy is very high, including the radial clearance of the shaft, and the surface precision. The medical equipment itself is high-precision product after all,  so the related accessories need to be precise too.

Below are some related slewing ring models, BRS can produce customized type too, welcome to contact us ( details.

Model            d(mm) D(mm) Width(mm)
VSI200414-N 325 486 56
VSI200544-N 444 616 56
VSI200644-N 546 716 56
VSI200744-N 648 816 56
VSI200844-N 736 916 56
VSI200944-N 840 1016 56
VSI201094-N 984 1166 56
VSU200414 342 486 56
VSU200544 472 616 56
VSU200644 572 716 56
VSU200744 672 816 56
VSU200844 772 916 56
VSU200944 872 1016 56
VSU201094 1022 1166 56
VSA200414-N 342 503,3 56
VSA200544-N 472 640,3 56
VSA200644-N 572 742,3 56
VSA200744-N 672 838,1 56
VSA200844-N 772 950,1 56
VSA200944-N 872 1046,1 56
VSA201094-N 1022 1198,1 56

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