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Industrial robot bearings-Thin-section crossed roller bearing

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Industrial robot bearings-Thin-section crossed roller bearing

Industrial robots bearing is the key component of industrial robots, it mainly include six types: thin-section bearings, cross cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, RV reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, and the first two types take the most market share.

Classification of industrial robot bearings

Bearing  Structure Application Precision
Thin section ball bearing Thin section four point contact ball bearing
Thin section angular contact ball bearing
Thin section deep groove ball bear
Robot joints P5
Thin section crossed roller bearing Integrated inner/outer ring type
Integrated inner ring with split outer ring type
Integrated outer ring with split inner ring type
Manipulators, swiveling units of robots P4
RV reducer bearing Angular contact ball bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Industrial robots P4
Harmonic reducer bearing CSF crossed roller bearing
SHF crossed roller bearing
CSD crossed roller bearing
SHD crossed roller bearing
Joint units of robots P5/P4

Industrial robot bearings-Thin-section crossed roller bearing

The rolling elements(cylindrical rollers) of thin-section crossed cylindrical roller bearing are arranged crosswise in the raceway, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller separated from each other by a space retainer. This design allows one single bearing can receive radial, axial and moment loads at the same time.
The space retainers(separators) are arranged between the rollers, which can prevent the inclination of the roller or the mutual friction between the rollers, therefore effectively preventing the increase of the friction torque. In addition, crossed roller bearings' can avoid the stucking of rollers.

To meet the requirements of different applications, the types of crossed roller bearings can be divided into: basic type cross-roller bearings, high-rigidity cross-roller bearings, ultra-thin cross-roller bearings. According to the external structure, there are integrated inner/outer ring type, split outer ring with integrated inner ring type and split inner ring with integrated outer ring type; based on the internal structure, crossed roller bearings can be classified as full complement roller type, cage type, space retainer type.

Thin section cross roller bearings are widely used in industrial robots for waist rotation, joint robot shoulders, arms, wrists and other rotating parts due to their light composite structure, high rotation precision, good rigidity and stable friction torque.

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