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Industrial robots bearing-harmonic reducer bearings

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Industrial robots bearing - harmonic reducer bearings CSF/CSG/SHF/SHG/CSD/SHD

The development of modern industrial robots tends to be thiner and lighter, which means the related bearings must be small in size and light in weight so they can be installed in a limited space. At the same time, the robot bearing must have high loading capacity, high precision, high stiffness, low friction torque, long service life and high reliability to ensure robots' good performance on loading, rotation precision, rotation stability, positioning speed and repeat positioning accuracy, long life, and high reliability.

As one of the key components of industrial robots, industrial robot bearings mainly include thin section ball bearings, thin-section crossed cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc., but the most used are the first two bearing.

Classification of industrial robot bearings

Bearing  Structure Application Precision
Thin section ball bearing Thin section four point contact ball bearing
Thin section angular contact ball bearing
Thin section deep groove ball bear
Robot joints P5
Thin section crossed roller bearing Integrated inner/outer ring type, 
Integrated inner ring with split outer ring type
Integrated outer ring with split inner ring type
Manipulators, swiveling units of robots P4
RV reducer bearing Angular contact ball bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Industrial robots P4
Harmonic reducer bearing CSF crossed roller bearing
SHF crossed roller bearing
CSD crossed roller bearing
SHD crossed roller bearing
Joint units of robots P5/P4

This article mainly introduces harmonic reducer bearings
The harmonic drive speed reducer, also called the harmonic gear reducer, is a reduction gear consisting of three basic parts, a wave generator, flexspline and circular spline. The harmonic reducer relies on the wave generator to produce a controllable elastic deformation of the flexspline, and utilizes the elastic deformation controlled by the flexible bearing to transmit motion and power. Harmonic reducer is features of compact structure, high positioning accuracy, large transmission ratio, and is mostly used for robot joints of small and medium torque. The output bearing of the harmonic reducer produced by Luoyang BRS Bearing Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the gear unit of the harmonic reducer. The bearing has compact structure, good sealing effect, high precision, high rigidity and high loading capacity.

According to the use case, the output bearing of the harmonic reducer can be divided into twp types: split outer ring with integrated inner ring type (CSF/CSG series), and integrated inner and outer ring type (SHF/SHG/CSD series). Harmonic reducer bearings are crossed roller bearings, so they can withstand axial loads, radial loads and tilting moments at the same time, and have high stiffness, rotational accuracy and composite loading capacity. The cross roller bearing for harmonic reducer has flexible rotation and compact structure. It is mostly with negative clearance, which ensures the positioning accuracy of the robots. The inner and outer rings of the bearing are designed with multiple mounting holes for easy installation by customers. SHF/SHG series hollow structure bearing can make wiring, piping, laser, etc. pass through, to achieve a simple structure of the machine and the device. The smoothness and accuracy of the friction torque of the harmonic reducer crossed roller bearing have a direct influence on the tooth meshing force and the stability of the harmonic reducer, and directly affect the service life of the harmonic reducer. Therefore, the quality of the harmonic gear unit bearing directly determines the performance and service life of the harmonic reducer.

csf harmonic reducer bearing

The CSF/CSG series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (model CSF-XRB series) adopts split outer ring and one-piece inner ring structure. Unlike the standard cross roller bearings, its inner/outer ring is processed with multi-layer precision mounting holes, especially the inner ring, generally have three layers of mounting holes with different size and number. This design allows the bearings to be directly connected to the product working parts, simplifying the installation. The cross roller bearing for harmonic reducer produced by BRS Bearing uses GCr15 bearing steel (100Cr6) as material, with special heat treatment technology and advanced machining technology, possess high precision, compact structure and good sealing effect, also has high stiffness and loading capacity, which can ensure the good performance and long service life of harmonic reducer.

The outer ring and inner ring of the SHF/SHG series harmonic speed reducer cross roller bearing (model SHF-XRB series) are all integrated structure, so the installation has no influence on bearings' accuracy and performance, and bearing can obtain stable rotation precision and friction torque. .

csd harmonic reducer bearingCSD harmonic reduer bearing structure

The CSD series harmonic reducer is the type that pursues the flat limit. Compared to the CSG/CSF series, its axial length is reduced by approximately 50%, making it ideal for applications requiring a flat design. The CSD-XRB series high-rigidity cross-roller bearings are designed for the output units of CSD series harmonic drives. The output bearings can withstand high axial/radial forces and tilting moments, ensuring that the reduction gears are protected from external loads, thus ensuring reducer's service Life and constant performance. The compact construction of CSD harmonic reducer bearings also eliminates the need for additional output bearings in many applications, reducing subsequent design, production and assembly costs.

SHD series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing's outer ring and inner ring are also integral structure, but the inner ring and the harmonic reducer's circular spline are integrated structure, further reducing the thickness and weight of the harmonic reducers. With special materials and heat treatment process, it has excellent performance and is suitable for SHD series harmonic reducer.

flexible bearing

The flexible bearing is one of the core components of harmonic reducer. The elastic deformation of the flexible bearing achieves the requirement of high reduction ratio, and the life of the harmonic reducer also depends largely on the life of the flexible bearing. During the rotation of flexible bearing, the elastic deformation of the flexspline constantly changes, so bearings not only take cyclic stress load, but also take alternating stress load.

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