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Advantages of Crossed Roller Bearings

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Crossed roller bearing has many advantages compared with traditional bearings, such as higher stiffness, higher loading capacity and higher running accuracy.

According to the precision and size of the bearing, the crossed roller bearing can be divided into precision crossed roller bearing and cross roller slewing bearing. Cross cylindrical roller bearings and precision cross roller ring both have the features of high rigidity, high running accuracy, high loading capacity and stable rotation torque. As the core components in precision swiveling equipments, bearings play a vital role . The main factors affecting the bearing rotation accuracy are manufacturing precision and bearing rigidity.

Precision crossed cylindrical roller bearings are with the characteristic of small size, high rotation precision, strong deformation resistance, high loading capacity and flexible structural design. They are widely used in joint and rotating parts of industrial robots, CNC rotary table, indexing tables, measuring instruments, medical equipments, optical telescope, radars, etc.

Cross-roller slewing bearing is also known as cross roller slewing ring. Compared with the traditional four-point contact ball slewing bearing, it has the advantage of high precision, high stiffness, high load carrying capacity and strong resistance to damage. It is often used in heavy duty rotary devices such as bucket turbines, overweight transportation machinery, port machinery, mining machinery, park amusement machines, filling machines, construction machinery, etc.

The rolling elements of crossed roller bearings are generally cylindrical rollers or tapered rollers, which are arranged crosswise in a V-shaped groove, so that the bearing can simultaneously receive radial, axial and moment loads. The nylon spacers(separators) are placed between the rollers, which can prevent rollers from skewing and the rotation torque from increasing due to friction between rollers.

Advantages of crossed roller bearings
1. Crossed roller bearings can be assembled in all directions of the spindle.
2. It can withstand radial and axial loads at the same time, thus simplifying the structure of the device and reducing the weight of the mechanism.
3. Cross roller bearings have low grease consumption due to high rotation efficiency and low heat dissipation.
4. Extremely high rotation accuracy can be achieved with negative clearance.
5. High rigidity, 3-4 times robust than traditional bearings.
6. High load carrying capacity, the roller is in line contact with the raceway, so it can withstand higher loads.

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