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RU228X crossed roller slewing bearing 160*295*35mm

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RU228X crossed roller slewing bearing 160*295*35mm, high running accuracy, high loading capacity and high stiffness.

RU228X crossed roller slewing bearing

Size: 160*295*35mm

Structure: crossed cylindrical roller bearings, with mounting holes on inner and outer rings.

PCD of inner ring mounting holes: 184mm

Inner ring mounting hole: 12-M10 through

PCD of outer ring mounting holes: 270mm

Outer ring mounting hole: 12-φ11 drilled through, φ17.5 counter bore depth 10.8

Features: preload, negative clearance, high rotation accuracy

Applications: precision turntable, robots joint, manipulators, machine tools.


Other RU series cross roller bearing models in size 70~540mm

BRS Bearing can produce customized size & structure, can produce according to drawing or sample, small order acceptable.

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