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RV reduction gear angular contact ball bearings

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RV reduction gear angular contact ball bearings, OD 114~383mm
Relevant introduction

BRS specialized in angular contact ball bearings for RV reduction gears. RV reduction gear main bearings increases reliabilty, reduces overall cost, increases moment rigidity and maximum allowable moment. Reduces the number of components required. Simplifies installation and maintenance.

Models Dimension (mm) RV reduction gear models
d D H
RIG-20E 89 114 13 RV-20E
RIG-40E 115 145 15 RV-40E
RIG-80E 131 165 15 RV-80E
RIG-110E 145 175 16 RV-110E
RIG-160E 168 205 20 RV-160E
RIG-320E 200 250 24 RV-320E
RIG-10C 97 120 13 RV-10C
RIG-50C 159 191 16 RV-50C
RIG-120C 182 214 17 RV-120C
RIG-320CA 320 383 30 RV-320CA

Thin section angular ball bearings are used as the main bearings with RV-E Series reduction gears. Assembly's accuracy, especially bearings' accuracy, is very important for RV-E reduction gears to get optimum performance.

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